sisterlocks_0.jpgSisterlocks is a fairly new hairstyle popular with African American women and men. Sisterlocks are different from traditional dreadlocks because the individual pieces are much smaller than conventional dreadlocks. This hairstyle is made using a person's existing hair, and installed by licensed hair stylists certified in the Sisterlocks system.

I am very Happy and excited to provide Sisterlocks services to my clients because as a trainer, I received an excellent training by the best in the industry for the installation, and retightening of Sisterlocks.

Natural Hair Care

If Natural hair care is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. After doing extension for so many years I am excited to show my talent on natural hair. I want Magic Hands to evolve into a business thai is passionate about the beauty of naturally testured hair.

I take pride of this transition of only providing Natural Hair Services because I undestand the importance of working with your hair not againts it. My goal is for my clients to feel as beautiful as they are on the inside, to show on the outside. Natural Hair is an art that I have become disciplined in. I want my Magic Hands to reflect your inner beauty through your hair.